Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Get the form: On the second floor between the student lounge entrance and the bathroom are folders mounted on the wall. In one of them are tutor subsidy forms.
  2. Get it signed by the teacher: You will take one of those forms to the faculty of the class you need tutoring in and tell them you need a subsidy. The faculty will sign and give you back the form.
  3. Get the subsidy approved by Jessica: You need to turn the form into Jessica Bineham at the Student Services office (in the box outside the office) for her to approve. She will put it in your box once it has been approved.
  4. Bring the form to your first session: With the form that you and the faculty filled out will also be a log for your tutoring hours that you and your tutor will fill out each session. The tutor will keep the form between sessions and will turn it in once all of your hours have been used or the term for which the form was approved is over. If your sessions are online, you can either drop the form in Emery’s mailbox on the third floor of OCOM in the teacher’s lounge or take a picture / scan it and email it to Emery at

The subsidy subtracts $13.25 from the price you pay per hour.

I can only accept one subsidy per hour of tutoring, so you will need to work out whose is being used. Or book two hours and you would each use one hour of your own subsidy.

For in person sessions, I accept cash, but I prefer electronic transactions. My Venmo is @cedarfoxy and you are welcome to friend me for easy access in the future. I greatly prefer Venmo, but if you need to, my PayPal is

I’ve been a student and I know what it’s like to be low on money, but the test is coming up. Tell me when you can pay and we will work it out. If you don’t tell me that you need to pay me later, then I will assume you can and will expect you to pay the day of your session.

You can pre-pay for several sessions in advance if you’d like and I will load a “gift card” for your use. If you need a refund for pre-paid sessions, you can do that, but there will be a transaction fee of the greater of 10% of the amount refunded or $10.

The group study hours take place on zoom for about an hour each week of the term. The week before finals week, we may meet for two hours. You’ll be given the weekly link when you sign up for the sessions, and you’ll join when it’s time. If you arrive late, no big deal, but please be sure to not be disruptive when you enter. Attendance will not be officially tracked.

If you just want a study buddy, let me know and I’ll drop you into an individual study room and check on you a few times through the hour. If you have questions, feel free to let me know and I’ll open rooms based on the topic.

You are always welcome and encouraged to ask for what you need!

Follow this link and sign yourself up for an account or click the Book Tutoring button below. You may book back to back sessions for a longer time if you wish.

Send me an email at and I might be able to make it work for you.

Honestly, I need to make enough money to pay the bills. I know that students love working with me, and I’m trying to incentivize students to work with me in a group format so I can make enough money to take care of my needs without the cost feeling burdensome to students.

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